Xbox Series S confirmed with full price tag

Xbox Series S confirmed with full price tag

The console will cost around $299

Xbox Series S has recently been the material of leaks and rumours. However, there weren’t any confirmations on Microsoft’s side. Nonetheless, the rumours were getting stronger that the developers were busy with it. Previously, Microsoft published a more affordable version of the Xbox One. Therefore, the gaming community was expecting such a move from the company in this generation too. Xbox Series S confirmed finally by Microsoft and the company has announced its price as $299


Therefore, we can assume if this is the cheaper price tag the company has, Xbox Series X might have a higher price. Indeed, the previous leak was showing the price for the console for $800 in South Africa. In this instance, we can safely assume Microsoft might be considering an amount of $499 – $599.

At the moment, the company hasn’t divulged any details for the console. The tweet below gets Xbox Series S confirmed officially. Nonetheless, as the tweet promises, we should be on the lookout for the publisher’s further announcements. As they say “Next-gen performance” in their tweet, maybe Xbox Series S will be a diskless version of Series X with a smaller hard-drive capacity. Considering possibilities like Xcloud and external hard drives from third parties, such a solution might be the viable pathway for Microsoft.

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