Xbox Game Pass is not profitable, exec says

Xbox Game Pass is not profitable, exec says

The gaming model is not profitable in the short term, says Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg

Microsoft has recently amped the game with Xbox Game Pass. Conversely, the library has been expanding with new additions and making other console fans jealous. However, it seems the pastures are not as green as it seems. Even Xbox Game Pass is quite popular, the studio isn’t making lots of money from it. At least, not at the moment.


The studio’s executive Aaron Greenberg has recently joined an interview with What’s Good Games. According to the marketing GM, XGP doesn’t offer as much value to Microsoft, as it offers to the players. Indeed, Greenberg confirmed the gaming service isn’t generating great profit at the moment. On the other hand, he assured everybody saying “Microsoft is going to be alright”. The GM also stated, their emphasis is adding the player community more value, rather than chasing profits. Furthermore, the firm is currently working on long-term plans to make the service stronger with a greater library. The studio will be pushing to capture longevity for the memberships.

The studio isn’t backing off from expanding XGP’s capabilities though. Soon, XGP benefits will merge with the xCloud, which is a game streaming service. Moreover, the integration is really at our doorstep: It will commence in September.

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