Will Poulter discussed his experience with Little Hope

Will Poulter discussed his experience with Little Hope

The actor shared some insights into the characters in the game

British actor Will Poulter joined an interview with Bandai Namco for their Dev Diary series. Conversely, the actor discussed the upcoming game The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. Which is a brand new horror game that will launch on October 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Currently, the game is under development at Supermassive’s studios.


Poulter told how the cast helped bring the characters alive for the game. In one point, Poulter gets the question “Any advice maybe, you have for players? How they should navigate these waters?” And he replies: “Have fun with the alternative paths and ‘Die again, try again’. That’s one of the really fun things about this game, in particular, is that there are so many different pathways that you can explore.” Furthermore, he emphasised the mystery aspects of the game and how genuine it feels to chase clues.

Will Poulter stated his favourite game in the character is Angela. He says “She’s just awesome, and she puts everyone right in their place!” Moreover, he also said he had to face lots of “poltergeist” and “ghost” gags due to his surname. Poulter also touched upon the difference between the 1600s and 1900s. Indeed, the subject didn’t seem relevant to the game in the interview. However, it might hint at what sort of “dangers” the characters will face. In other words, what will the “ghosts” look like.


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