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Welcome to Leadergamer, we are proud to announce that our website is going global! has been around for nearly more than a decade, providing its readers with the latest news updates and unique articles.


We did not want to stay within our boundaries after gaining enough experience. In the last months of 2019, as the Leadergamer team, we officially launched

With our new website, we aim to deliver high-quality content as always, but to a global audience. will work under Gamer Media, founded by Gokhan Girgin in Istanbul nearly a decade ago. The CEO of Gamer Media, Mr. Girgin, himself will supervise the newly gone-global brand.

“We are looking forward to expanding to audiences from all around the world and deliver the high-quality experience as we always have. I’m excited to see our website reach more and more gamers as time passes,” said Gokhan Girgin.

The team behind the content is the same team that humbly connected with readers on Leadergamer Turkey. The current Editor-in-Chief of is Yasar Baturalp Artar, who is a part of the Leadergamer team since 2016.

“I am proud to see Leadergamer set foot on global media after becoming one of the biggest gaming news outlets in Turkey. Leadergamer is more than just a website to me, so I want it to be something else to our readers too. I want all the gamers from all around the world to see like a daily read,” said Artar. provides readers with the latest news updates, reviews, articles written by various experienced authors, interviews, guides, and more.

“If you’re in the US, check out @Leadergamer_net and We will be more than glad to get in touch with you and answer any questions you may have.”

About GamerMedia Network;

Founded in 2007, GamerMedia Network publishes a range of video game websites including, Turkey’s leading independent video games website.

Gamer Media offers the most up to date news, reviews and other special content to the audience in Turkey and some other countries abroad.

Gamer Media is the biggest media center in the Turkish Gaming Industry. With the experience of over 10 years in this industry, Gamer Media provides consultancy, content management, and PR services to the industry-leading companies.

The company publishes market-leading trade resource, games news site Turkey and more.

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