We will not see the Elder Scrolls 6 for many more years

We will not see the Elder Scrolls 6 for many more years

The game will come after Starfield.

After the great success of Skyrim, for years, players waited for the next installment to the Elder Scrolls series. Today, Bethesda confirmed that we will not see Elder Scrolls 6 for many more years. The studio confirmed that the game will release after Starfield, which we also know nothing about.


Bethesda’s marketing boss was answering some questions on Twitter, as he cleared our minds on this. Pete Hines made it clear that the next Elder Scrolls game will release after Starfield. So, Starfield being the focus of the studio right now, we probably won’t see the next Elder Scrolls title for many more years.

Above, you can read the Twitter post of Pete Hines. Nearly a year ago, the studio teased both Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 in the E3. Therefore, we will need to wait and see what they have to offer with Starfield first. Who knows, maybe Starfield is a title which is capable of satisfying the demand for Elder Scrolls 6.

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