Watch Dogs Legion to be released on October 29

Watch Dogs Legion to be released on October 29

Watch Dogs Legion received its release date, officially on Ubisoft Forward: 29th October 2020

Watch Dogs Legion has recently received a trailer and an official release date. Accordingly, the game will hit the shelves and digital stores on 29th October 2020.


Indeed, Watch Dogs Legion was in the setlist of Ubisoft Forward. Therefore, we were all expecting to receive more information regarding the game. Ubisoft decided to deliver and provided some details surrounding the game. Furthermore, we laid eyes on a trailer that depicts the dystopian world, which Legion will present. In the trailer, we can see how government-funded security forces surround London. Also, in the trailer we see how people are in fear at the face of this government.

In Legion, we’ll be able to recruit people from the public for our cause. Moreover, we’ll be building a resistance against the dominion that oversees London. Since the enemy is big, we require a legion of resistance volunteers. Therefore, the recruiting mechanic will play a critical role in this game. Legion has a similar world to what we experience nowadays, of course in a bizarre and exaggerated way. Specifically, the lockdown scenario rings a lot of bells.

Legion will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 29th November 2019. However, there aren’t any confirmed release dates for the next-gen. Nevertheless, the rumours surrounding the release date of the next-gen consoles also indicate Legion as a complementary item.


Watch Dogs Legion

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