Warzone Season 5 might be up for pre-loading

Warzone Season 5 might be up for pre-loading

Some reports indicate the next season of Warzone is being pre-loaded by some players

The next season of the popular battle-royale will unlock on August 5. Moreover, the new patch of Call of Duty is available for downloads. On the other hand, recent reports indicate Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 might be available for some players. In other words, these players are able to pre-load the patch before it’s the actual release date.


The player base is currently unhappy with the ever-increasing patch sizes. Conversely, the recent patch isn’t that different, with its disk space requirement of 36 GB. However, according to Paul Haile, the gigantic patch is ready for optimisation and will reduce the game’s total disk space. Haile also stated, there are updates in order for asset packs and further tweaking of the game. Furthermore, Infinity Ward’s production director also assured players that the studio is constantly working to improve Modern Warfare’s overall optimisation.

Currently, Season 5 is building up lots of hype with Shadow Company and two new weapons. Moreover, some reports rumour that Infinity Ward is preparing the Stadium of Verdansk to host some great clashes. In specific words, Warzone Season 5 might include an intense gunfight within the Stadium for extra loot. On the other hand, the loot train rumour is still ongoing. All of these mysteries will find their solutions once we hit the Warzone on August 5.





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