Warzone receives another double-XP weekend

Warzone receives another double-XP weekend

This weekend on Call of Duty, every earned XP will be doubled and battle pass progress will be accelerated.

Whatever you do on Call of Duty multiplayer will double this weekend. Also, Warzone receives these bonuses too.


Firstly, Activision is going to bring double xp for all game modes. Therefore, whatever you do in the game will return with double xp towards your rank. Also, weapon xp will be twice as fast. Consequently this weekend is a good opportunity to grind both multiplayer and Warzone.

Additionally, the multiplayer playlist has received a refresh. Shipment (5 versus 5) and Shoot House (8 versus 8) maps will be ready for selection. Due to their intense and tight nature, Shipment games are ideal for grinding guns and experience. Furthermore, the 200-player variation of Warzone is ready to play. If you have a squad of four, this is an excellent opportunity to try it out.

On the other hand, the recent update has introduced a new sniper rifle: Rytec AMR. Yet, the rifle is behind a mission wall. In order to unlock it, there are certain objectives. Consequently, you can utilise this weekend to put further effort in it. If you want to unlock new attachments, double xp weekends are usually quite suitable too.

Grau and MP5 have received nerfs with the recent patch. Therefore, you might be looking another weapon or different attachments. Utilise this weekend to get a different arsenal. As Warzone receives these bonuses, 200-player game mode will surely become more competitve for the weekend. If you need extra help, be sure to check our guide.

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