Warzone might get purchaseable Counter UAV

Warzone might get purchaseable Counter UAV

Warzone might get Counter UAVs in buy stations soon, for players to purchase as items.

Warzone might finally arm players with Counter UAV, against map visibility.


Warzone has received a mid-season patch that brought a few changes. For instance, Grau and MP5 have been tuned town in terms of close quarters damage. Grau’s recoil is now higher. Furthermore,  a new sniper rifle appeared in the arsenal. Team Wiped message also appears for every player in a squad now.

Moreover, some players discovered when a group of four activates UAV at the same time, it scrambles radars for everybody else. However, it seems Infinity Ward has decided to introduce Counter UAV as a separate item. The buy station selection has changed over time. And, the player base seems to enjoy new gadgets like armor boxes. However, when players don’t run Ghost, UAVs were still a problem, especially during the endgame phase. In a Reddit post, one user described how they discovered Counter UAV in the buy station.

According to the user, Twitter WWE, the Counter UAV costs $4500 to buy. Also, there is a description under it, saying “A drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps, regardless of distance and incrementally disrupts their HUD the closer they get to the target area”. This description matches the definition in the Multiplayer side of Modern Warfare. Therefore, players might get a chance to scramble their hostiles’ maps and gain competitive advantage. Especially, when there are UAVs activated nearby, this item can help solve some problems.

Infinity Ward neither confirmed nor denied the presence of such item in the game. However, in the future, it’s highly likely that we can get our hands on some Counter UAVs.

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