Valorant will offer in-game purchases like skins

Valorant will offer in-game purchases like skins

There will not be any loot boxes.

League of Legends developer Riot Games announced its new FPS game Valorant last week. The game will be a highly-competitive skill-based FPS which will feature mainly competitive games. Today, Riot confirmed that there will be in-game purchases in the game, but no loot boxes.



In a statement published by Polygon, Riot Games confirmes that Valorant will indeed sell cosmetics for real money. On the other hand, the same cosmetics will be available to the battle pass holders. Therefore, players will be able to obtain cosmetic items through in-game progression.

Moreover, Riot Games made it clear that we will not see these skins for a while. Since skins change the look and the color of a character, they may cause an imbalance. Thus, developers will take their time to ensure all of the games are equally fair and competitive.

Selling cosmetic items and skins is a big part of Riot Games’ business model. With League of Legends, Riot Games has more skins than it has characters. We are expecting a similar approach with the new FPS game, but we will see for sure in the future. Valorant will launch this summer, with an open beta planned for the next coming months.


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