Unused Modern Warfare Zombies Art Surfaced

Unused Modern Warfare Zombies Art Surfaced

Unused Modern Warfare Zombies art surfaced as Activision artist Aaron Beck received green light to showcase his work.

Aaron Beck, Activision artist, shared some unused Modern Warfare Zombies art on his Instagram.


Infinity Ward tested the feasibility of a zombies mode whilst developing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, the company later decided to exclude the game mode.

Since Call of Duty: Black Ops, zombies mode has almost been an unwritten rule. Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer adopted the Zombies to the concept they developed their games around. Yet, as Infinity Ward decided for a soft reboot in the Modern Warfare franchise, Zombies mode became a weak possibility. The studio wanted to ditch the futuristic concepts, also had a more realistic scenario at its hands. Consequently, the gameplay director had announced they removed the zombies concept, prior to release.

Nevertheless, concept artists spent some time on the Zombies design. Even if the ultimate decision was to get rid of it, there was some work around the game mode. Activision has given concept artist Aaron Beck green light to share unused Modern Warfare Zombies designs. Beck is one of the principal artists and has some interesting images in his portfolio. The artist used his Instagram account to share some of the art he had.

The designs show the studio tried some different concepts. However, apparently none of this match with the game’s current setting. Reports indicate Treyarch might be working on a new Call of Duty game. Furthermore, there are rumours around the return of the Zombies mode.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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