UFC 4 confirmed by UFC official account

UFC 4 confirmed by UFC official account

UFC official Twitter account shared a poster, indicating there will be a UFC 4 reveal trailer during the next bout.

UFC 4 confirmed by the company’s official Twitter account. According to the poster on their recent post, there will be a trailer reveal during UFC 251. The event is to take place on July 11, Saturday. Nevertheless, there aren’t any official announcements on EA’s side. Yet, considering the affiliation between two companies, it’s highly likely that there is a mutual consent.


Last month, some users spotted the UFC 4 logo on PlayStation servers. However, there wasn’t any confirmation or comment from EA. On the other hand, the studio had an invitation out for the closed beta. The submissions are currently closed and in the form, the game’s title was “The Next UFC Game”. Therefore, even if the company didn’t reveal the 4th game officially, it’s release was a certainty.

In a recent video, journalist Brian Mazique revealed some insider details. According to his information, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will appear as playable characters in UFC 4. Both Fury and Joshua are boxers, however their appearance won’t be first. Mike Tyson was also a playable character, despite he was a boxer. Mazique said the game will be similar to the previous installments. Career mode will focus on creating a custom character and leveling it up. Therefore, there aren’t any big changes planned for the game mode either.

Brian Mazique also said UFC 4 will be on the next-gen consoles. EA previously didn’t show the game on the EA Play event. Currently there isn’t any additional information about EA’s plans.

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