Ubisoft to release F2P Hyper Scape soon

Ubisoft to release F2P Hyper Scape soon

Ubisoft is soon to release, Hyper Scape, a free to play Battle Royale game

Ubisoft to release their new intellectual property, Hyper Scape soon for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


The studio decided not to contend with the leaks took place early this week. Therefore, they confirmed the game’s development phase. Furthermore, Ubisoft made an interview with Press Start and indulged further details about the game.

First of all, the game takes place in Neo Arcadia. This is a virtual world that exists in a computer system. Consequently, it’s circle mechanics are fundamentally different. Decay, the unique circle system, will diminish the world in size and make its certain components disappear. There will be unique characters in the game, however they will not possess any special abilities. Instead of gun attachments, there will be hacks on the map for gun upgrades.

The game will include a core mode called Crown Rush. It will host 32 trios, 96 players in total. In this mode, those who can claim and defend the “Crown” will be the victor. However, the game will let the traditional battle royale victory to take place too. Which is killing everybody else. Death will convert characters into “Echoes” until revival, but allow pings across the map.

The biggest plan behind the game seems to be the CrownCast mechanic. CrownCast will allow Twitch integration with the matches and allow viewer votes to change game set-up. For instance, if a vote gets cleared, every player on the map will receive infinite ammo for a while. According to Press Start, the game will soon commence technical testing for PC. In a near future, the game will come for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Hyper Scape

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