Turkish gaming market keeps growing steadily

Turkish gaming market keeps growing steadily

With a forecasted yearly growth rate of 15%, Turkish gaming market is getting bigger.

Turkish Investment Office just announced that Turkey had a growing gaming industry in 2019. The gaming market generated revenue of USD 853 million in 2018, making it the 18th largest gaming market globally. In addition, one of the biggest players in the Turkish gaming market, TaleWorlds, will release its latest game Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord soon.


Being our home, we are closely monitoring the situation in Turkey to deliver you the latest updates about it. Turkish Investment Office states that the country is the 18th biggest market in terms of revenue. Furthermore, the Investment Office currently forecasts yearly growth as 15%, which is considered a significant growth.

Currently, there are 30 million active gamers in Turkey, through various platforms. Although all three of the console, PC and mobile device users are counted in, PC seems to be the most significant one. In addition to all these, the Turkish Investment Office declares that with 70% of gaming time on PC, Turkey is the 3rd biggest PC gaming market in the world.

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