The new Bioshock will have a different world

The new Bioshock will have a different world

After Ken Levine's departure, Bioshock isn't going back to Rapture

The new Bioshock is still under development with Cloud Chamber at the helm. It’s creator Ken Levine is currently in another studio and looking to design his own IP.  Although Ken Levine is not running the show anymore, the studio is looking to bring in additional manpower. In detail, Gamebyte saw a job listing that seeks an environment designer. Therefore, it’s safe to assume this designer will be working on an entirely new setting. We might have to leave Rapture and Columbia behind for now.


The job description says, “We want you to set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world”. Consequently, Cloud Chamber might have the ambition to come up with a unique world for Bioshock. However, it’s too early for speculations as the studio doesn’t hint at anything. In other words, Cloud Chamber doesn’t confirm any details about the new Bioshock game yet.

On the other hand, the job advertisement also emphasises a new direction in the overall art. Conversely, we might be in for a different Bioshock that focuses on a different era. Even without Ken Levine, Cloud Chamber has lots of experienced talent at its disposal. This is enough reason to be hopeful about this game.


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