The list of the best PS4 games

The list of the best PS4 games

The best PS4 games are listed for you.

As we get closer to the launch of the PS5, more information is revealed about the new console of Sony. While keeping you updated with the latest news regarding the new system, in next weeks we will be presenting you the best games of each generation. We will start with a list of the best PS4 games. Unlike my other lists on, I will not be ranking the games as they are from very different genres. And here is the list of the best PS4 games.


Also before starting, it should be noted that the games listed below are all based on my personal opinions. Therefore, you, our precious readers, are more than welcomed to state your opinions and share your own lists in the comment section below.

The list of the best PS4 games


dreams the best ps4 games

A sweet and touching title. Dreams is a title that met with PS4 players almost one month ago. Despite the short time period, it accumulated very positive feedback from the community. The positive feedback started even before the game’s release. In 2018 Game Critics Award, Dreams won the Best Original Game award. In addition to that, the game also won the Best PS4 Game, the Most Original Game and the Best of Gamescom 2019 awards.

The game brings a new perspective to the creative game building genre. The story mode follows the dreams of a jazz musician who remembers some moments of his life along with two companions. The story is “like a 2-3 hours long feature movie” by the developers’ admission. It’s definitely recommended if you love games that have a wholesome and emotional nature.

Grand Theft Auto V

You can heist a bank or shoot alien invaders. What else do you need? One of the best games in franchise history. This statement is supported by the high player numbers that the game has attracted. 81 million players were enough the cement Grand Theft Auto V‘s success but developers continuing addition to the game’s online mode made it a fan-favourite.

Along with the many awards and huge financial success, the game offered many elements on both PS3 and PS4 platforms. Ex-con Michael De Santa, crazy Trevor Philips and rookie Franklin Davis offer players the chance to experience the dangerous heists in 3 different perspectives. Moreover, the game offers many mini-games. You can do Scuba diving or parachute from many different spots in the vast Los Santos.

Battlefield 1

A vivid flashback to the horrendous World War I. The historic setting of Battlefield 1 makes it stand out from the rest of the contemporary military shooters on the market. The game features brand new weapons, vehicles and level designs. All these elements let the players feel the confusion and brutality of battle.

The game provides an emotional and enjoyable single-player campaign that sets a new first-person shooter standard. Broken up into six parts, each following a different character and position on the front line, the campaign never feels repetitive or repeat.

The single-player campaign also feeds neatly into the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1. While it has a familiar taste, the multiplayer mode still benefits from the new setting.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered

My favourite game on this list. Except that The Last of Us has a special meaning for me, according to the feedback it received, it’s not only me. Remastered has garnered the same high aggregate score on Metacritic. Moreover, the developers managed to improve many aspects of the original.

In Remastered, developers offer a better survival game experience. Firstly, the game’s visual aspect has been developed and by many critics’ admission, it is simply awe-inspiring. In addition to that, the technic aspect of the game has also been improved as may players and critics the increased framerate as a huge advantage. The new Photo Mode was also a fan-favourite.

Before continuing with the next title in my list, I want to remind you that the sequel of The Last of Us series will meet with the players on the 29th of May. For more games that will be released in 2020 for the PS4 platform, check our list here.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A 3D puzzle and action game that has explosions and actions of a Mission: Impossible movie. Do I need to say more? The true successes of the A Thief’s End lie in the details. Like the previous games,  you’ve got the big action set-pieces the franchise is known for. For example, everything Nathan Drake touches turns to dust in like a Michael Bay movie around him. And the attention to detail in those moments definitely makes it shine like a bit of amazing tech to show off to your mates. But it’s how Uncharted nails the tiny moments which grants the franchise its fame.

Naughty Dog has given some space for the characters to evolve as real people for the first time in the series. A Thief’s End fills in the specifics where you least expect it to, and these smaller moments make the big ones feel all the more impactful.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A chance to be a gunslinger in the Wild West. Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar took 2018 by storm, giving us the gun-toting, western open-world we had hoped for. The second game of the series lets players be Arthur Morgan, a gunslinger in the infamous Van Der Linde gang. Throughout the story, players navigate in the changing Wild West as Morgan.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is certainly a game to keep you occupied, especially in these days. You’ll find yourself pouring plenty of hours into this title between story missions, mini-games, challenges and side quests. And you can team up with your friends to continue to the fun in Red Dead Online.

You can also read our extensive guide to Morgan’s story, easter eggs, missions and more here.

God of War

god of war the best ps4 games

An emotional take on Kratos’ pain and destiny. The new game of the award-winning series is a very different take on Kratos’ journeys. Thanks to Kratos temper, the game features moments of horrific brutality. While the action continues to be smooth and violent as ever, the entire structure and pace have been totally retrofitted.

Now, as you go through, you are free to explore the world and uncover all its secrets and there are so many layers to this game. Puzzles are extremely clever and urge players to think really hard. Moreover, Kratos is now a much more rounded character. Minor spoiler warning! He has a son now and his interactions with him, Atreus shows the players a different side of him.

Detroit: Become Human

A horrifyingly realistic perspective on the uprising of robots. Quantic Dream’s new adventure is a thrilling game of stories centring on Detroit in the year 2038. Society has developed Androids to perform all their meagre tasks and low-paid work, but Detroit: Become Human investigates what happens when Androids achieve sentience and start breaking their programming.

One of the most beautiful games on PS4, Detroit is all about progressing the plot, rather than getting complete control of the action, so you need to be prepared to get involved in a real, exciting story before you play. Embrace the world of Detroit, enjoy the choices it asks you to make and this could be one of the most creative and fascinating games you’ll ever play on PS4. With its many paths that can be chosen, the game offers many hours long of gameplay. It might be the best game to play in these times that we need to #StayAtHome.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

“Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can” With the new game, you also can. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the funniest games you’ll ever play on your PlayStation.  It looks amazing, and the game itself is huge. However, the most significant element is the feeling of being the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man running around the Big Apple. There’s plenty to do, and the variety of non-story material is amazing. The real beauty lies in the smooth, open, and totally gorgeous swinging mechanism. The heart and humour of the Web-Slinger only strengthen an already brilliant super-hero game.

On the other hand, for some players and critics, the story is a bit short. But Sony offers a solution to these concerns. The City that Never Sleeps DLC.

Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn the best ps4 games

A dystopia where “dinosaurs” are back and civilization is collapsed. Horizon Zero Dawn is the first-person open-world title that Sony needed.  Uncharted and The Last of Us have long offered PS4 players a fantastic linear experience. However, Horizon Zero Dawn, developed by Guerrilla Games, offers players a very important element. The access to an open world that is huge, rich in detail and totally amazing.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic, aesthetically futuristic world populated by robot colossuses. The game lets players be young and courageous Aloy, who kills these creatures. The first thought that came to my mind was that it was a Jurassic Park in a dystopic Star Wars universe.

Rumour has it that Sony is considering making a sequel to Aloy’s journey.

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