The latest Modern Warfare has Modern Warfare 2 references

The latest Modern Warfare has Modern Warfare 2 references

Ghost, is that you?

The latest Call of Duty game seems to include more details than we initially thought of. A Reddit user named AnalVor recently discovered that the Modern Warfare has MW2 references placed within the game. Developers put some of the items from significant events back in the MW2 to the latest MW.


Really clever IW, really clever from r/modernwarfare

Above, you can see the original post published by the Reddit user. Moreover, the Infinity Ward community team replied to the post and confirmed the findings. As you can see from the picture above, all of the weapon charms have deep connections to Modern Warfare 2.

The first charm includes the electricity cables of a torture device that Ghost uses in the game. We cannot see it in much detail, but the comparison image checks out. The second charm shows a gas can, from which Shepherd’s soldiers poured gasoline over our character and Ghost. Finally, the last charm shows General Shepherd’s revolver, which he used to kill Ghost before we got into a fight with him.

Right now, we do not know what these mean. Some players claim that the Modern Warfare seasons are the previous Call of Duty games. Therefore, the upcoming season 4 might be Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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