The Last of Us: Part 2 gameplay video is out

The Last of Us: Part 2 gameplay video is out

Your first look at the gameplay mechanics is here.

A new video showcasing The Last of Us: Part 2 gameplay is out.


Sony has recently released a new video featuring Naughty dog which provides fans with a first look at the gameplay mechanics in The Last Of Us: Part 2. These include moves such as dodge, jump and prone.

First, Naughty Dog discusses how difficult certain decisions will be for the characters. This will in turn make these difficult for the player as well. They also mention that Ellie will be the “smallest person in the room,” even though she is smaller and more light-footed than Joel. She will still need to fight bigger people in order to survive. Part 1 had a climb button, and to make Ellie more agile in Part 2, they have added a jump button.

Ellie can now also go into a prone position which will grant her access to all weapons, items and crafting. Besides, being able to get down and crawl will be enabling her to hide in smaller areas. However, we must note that the enemies are designed to be smarter this time, and they will be looking under things like cars and trucks. This means you will have a limited amount of time before they eventually find you.

The dodging option will provide protection from punches or stabs as well as counter-attacks. It will also enable Ellie to run away if needed.

You can watch the first gameplay video below. A more detailed video will be released on May 27 next week.


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