The Last of Us 2 Length was Independently Decided

The Last of Us 2 Length was Independently Decided

Neil Druckmann said they were free of Sony's influence when they decided the story and the length of TLOU 2

The Last of Us 2 length can clock around 37.5 hours if you choose to play as a completionist. By the same token,  even if you enjoy a speed run, you’re in for a 23-hour experience. Therefore, some gamers criticised the decision around the game’s length. For some, Naughty Dog made the game longer, because Sony’s marketing team instructed them to do so.


However, Neil Druckmann, the vice president of Naughty Dog, debunked these rumours, in a recent chat with Troy Baker. Druckmann said: “Someone recently said ‘games are too long’ and part of like their thread they’re saying, ‘it’s because marketing wants to say how big games are and that’s how they’re going to sell the game”. Then he added, in his 16-year tenure, such a thing has never taken place. “In my 16-year career at Naughty Dog, marketing has never—not once—gave us a creative note to say ‘this should be in the game’, or ‘the game should be this long, or ‘this short’, or ‘have this feature,” he added.

Druckmann emphasised, the game is long because it’s entirely the studio’s wish. Consequently, The Last of Us 2 length and narrative decisions were all independent. Additionally, Druckmann mentioned in a separate podcast, that some of the content they designed, doesn’t appear in the game. Particularly, the studio has truncated lots of playtime from Jackson’s sequences.

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