The Division 2 may bring Underground Survival back

The Division 2 may bring Underground Survival back

The new version also could feature new features.

Although it had some drawbacks, the original The Division game was great on concept and gameplay. When building the sequel up, developers omitted some of the fan-favorite aspects of the original game to feature new aspects. Datamining efforts from a Reddit user revealed that The Division 2 may bring Underground Survival back soon.


Before further evaluating on this, we have to note that Ubisoft recently booted up the PTS for the game. Public Test Server aims to help the developers get feedback from players about the “newly-implemented” features. Opening up a public test server comes with its side effects, like allowing players to access game files under development.

Therefore, a Reddit user took advantage of this to datamine the game’s files, reaching an interesting find. Definitelyanalt16 found various voice files among the game files which feature interesting dialogue. In one of the files, Kelso talks about “all floors need to be secured one by one in a skyscraper”. So, this reminded us of the horde-style game mode from the original The Divison.

Of course, neither the file or the developer of the game confirm the existence of “Underground Survival” for The Division 2. We will let you know as soon as more develops on this matter.

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