Suicide Squad game announced by Rocksteady

Suicide Squad game announced by Rocksteady

More information is likely to be revealed at DC FanDome digital event (August 22)

Rocksteady has dropped the bomb and announced they’re working on a Suicide Squad game. However, the studio hasn’t divulged any further details yet. Though, it’s highly likely that the studio will showcase the game at the upcoming DC FanDome event on August 22.


Indeed, there were reports surrounding Rocksteady’s possible development activities around a new DC Comics game. On the other hand, some would think that it would be WB Games Montreal’s job to bring the notorious group of anti-heroes to the gaming world. Since the latter slipped a post-credits scene in Arkham Origins, one would think that’s the more probable option. Nonetheless, it seems the former is at the helm for getting another IP of DC together in a video game setting.

In the studio’s tweet, we see a crosshair on Superman’s head (that’s who we assume the silhouette is). Therefore, we might be looking at a foreshadowing of the rumoured title: “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”. On the other hand, the tweet only showcases the visual and doesn’t share any further details. Consequently, our speculations aren’t on solid ground for now. No matter what, going against the Justice League and brawling with Superman is an interesting decision.

Hopefully, the studio’s silence amounts to preparation for a big show at the DC FanDome event. The digital fan event will take place online, on August 22, and we will see this Suicide Squad game. As the studio says: “Target locked”

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