Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have been leaked

Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have been leaked

We still have more than a month.

Every year, players wait for the biggest even on Steam: the Steam Summer Sale. Furthermore, every year we publish an article about the big Summer Sale’s dates getting leaked by various sources. We can tell that this year is no different. Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have been leaked.


The developer of Steam cataloging website Steam Database, Pavel Djundik, just posted on Twitter. In his Twitter post, Djundik revealed the dates of this year’s Steam Summer Sale. We must state that Djundik is one of the most credible sources when it comes to leaks about Steam.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 will be live from June 25 to July 9, covering two weeks. Above, you can find Djundik’s Twitter post and read through the discussions if you want so. We have to state that Valve did not officially announce any dates for this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Therefore, you must regard this as a “leak”, rather than an official announcement of the dates. On the other hand, we must say that it is almost certain that the sale will be held during these dates. We will update you as soon as Valve makes an official announcement.

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