Steam free-to-play games of this week

Steam free-to-play games of this week

Plus, all the games are currently on sale on the Steam Store.

Here are the games you can play for free on Steam this weekend.

  • Memories of Mars is free to play until May 11. It is an open world survival game set on Mars, and the player will explore the planet, build a homestead, fight enemies, deal with extreme conditions as well as clone survivors. It is currently on a 50% sale on the Steam Store.
  • Heliborne is an indie action game in which you can fly the best helicopters in the world and complete missions within the game. In addition, you can play with friends and other players all around the world thanks to the multiplayer mode. This game is also on sale on the store, currently for 66% off.
  • The Golf Club 2019 is free to play for this week. This game is on sale as well, for 70% off! It features the officially licensed PGA TOUR Career mode. You can participate in various events, such as John Deere Classic.
  • Marble Skies, a 3D-platformer in which you can control your marble through different levels and fight against time. There are 60 base levels and 52 bonus community levels as well as 9 golf levels. Each level comes with additional obstacles and powerups. You can also compete against your friends or other players for the leaderboard. The game is currently 50% off.
  • Finally, Showdown Bandit is free to download until June 1! This strategy/horror/adventure/action game features an abandoned set of a puppet show which was cancelled a long time ago.

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