Steam China resurfaces through new leaks

Steam China resurfaces through new leaks

The alpha version is on its way.

The biggest market in the world, China, is also one of the hardest markets to get into. Since the government imposed sanctions are heavy, companies need to evaluate a strict set of omissions from their business models. Valve has been working on the Chinese version of Steam for years. According to new leaks, Steam China resurfaced with an alpha version coming soon.


Even though Valve is known to be actively working on the Chinese version of Steam, there is no official announcement. So, the first thing we expect to confirm the leaks is an announcement from the publisher about the localized version.

According to, the new update of Steam includes the alpha of the localized Chinese version. Therefore, we get to learn what is different from the public version of the platform. The first thing to notice is the immediate alert from the platform. The alert from DPRC steers players to play in moderation and boycott harmful games.

In addition to this alert, there are no profile pictures and all pictures are the stock “question mark”. We believe this allows the platform to comply with DPRC restrictions easier since there will be no pictures that may trigger a problem. Similarly, all the usernames are replaced with string IDs, not allowing players to pick their nicknames.

For now, there are no official Chinese servers nor an official announcement about Steam China. We will update you as soon as we know more about it.

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