Square Enix orders over $100 will receive a mask

Square Enix orders over $100 will receive a mask

"Boost you vitality +1," the company says.

Square Enix is going to give away its own branded face masks to members for every order over $100.


We are not quite sure how to feel about this – at the end of the day, a decision like this only emphasizes the great danger of the global pandemic. Either way, it is a nice gesture from Square Enix’s part. Of course, we must note that the company will be sending masks only to members who make a $100+ order on the online store.

ResetEra spotted this and also posted the email the company sent to its customers. The email sent by the company to its members reads “Boost you vitality +1”, which most fans find amusing. The masks are black and have a Square Enix Members logo in their front. Nevertheless, a banner image on the online store website seems different than the one in the email – which may suggest a different actual design. That being said, we do not have certain information on the design yet.

“We’ve reached out to Square Enix for further information. In the meantime, welcome to the new grim future of gamer apparel,” says VG24/7.

Whether with a Square Enix Members logo on the front or without, wear your mask and stay safe.

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