Sony might be developing two different PS5 consoles

Sony might be developing two different PS5 consoles

The second PS5 version might even be more powerful than the Xbox Series X.

Even if we learn about it right now, everyone was expecting a more powerful PS5 console. A new leak suggests that Sony might be working on two different versions of PlayStation 5 consoles. First is the one we all know about, and the second is the more powerful one. Therefore, we can say that Sony might actually produce a more powerful console than Xbox Series X.


NeoGaf user VFXVeteran claims that they have “heard the news about this new console”. Since the user privately verified their identity to NeoGaf staff, we see this leak as highly trustable. The long-rumored 9-teraflop console will be the base model of the PlayStation 5.

The second console we talk about right now will be much more powerful than the other version. We might be looking at an early PlayStation 5 Pro. Previously, Sony officials told the media that they want to make PS5 accessible for everyone. On this basis, these two consoles would be in line with the company’s policy.

The standard PlayStation 5 for all of the gamers and the “PlayStation 5+” for the enthusiasts. VFXVeteran characterizes the second version as, “their other one is also top of the line to compete with XSX top dog.” Moreover, the user predicts a 600$ price tag for the second version.

We will update you on this matter as more information surfaces.

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