Skull & Bones got rewamped and will release in 2021

Skull & Bones got rewamped and will release in 2021

Skull & Bones has received a total facelift from Ubisoft.

Skull & Bones has turned into a mystery, as Ubisoft continuously defers its release. Although the studio showcased the game in E3 2017, they never deemed it suitable for release. Firstly, the studio announced a late 2018 release. However, within the respective financial year, the first postponement hit and took the date to 2019. After that, Ubisoft made another announcement in 2019 and decided to release the game in 2020. Granted, the studio displayed their quality on focus as their rationale.


Inspired from Assassin’s Creed’s naval fights, Ubisoft positioned Skull & Bones as a “soft spin-off”. The game was supposedly focus on a “naval” open-world. Correspondingly, players would have their own ships and crew, which would eventually lead to PvE and PvP adventures. Yet, Ubisoft never set their big plans for this game in motion, completely. Indeed, the studio was even planning a tv show to fortify the game’s narrative.

With this in mind, the game also didn’t make an appearance during Ubisoft Forward. Nevertheless, according to a report by Video Games Chronicle, the studio is keeping the game alive. According to the report, Ubisoft Singapore’s first release has received a rewamp and will feature a “live” model. Consequently, the world will eventually change as the narrative develops, with its characters to follow.  The game will also feature a flavour of “collaboration”, like team-based battle royale games. The creative director Justin Farren has left and former editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen is now at the helm.

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