Sherlock Holmes Chapter One to feature 30 hours of playtime

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One to feature 30 hours of playtime

Here are some previously unannounced details.

During its initial Gamescom announcement, developers of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One released new trailers of the game. After the announcement itself, we now have previously unannounced key details about the game. One of them is that the game features 30-40 hours long playtime if played as a completionist.


“Currently we feel the main story will take approximately 15 hours to complete, while a completionist playthrough will be closer to a 30 to 40-hour mark. We will have 5 main quests that span multiple hours and more than 30 side quests of varying size and complexity, with each offering a moral choice,” says Antonina Melnykova, the Lead Narrative Designer of the game.

Given the statement, we can say that the game will provide players with a fair amount of content. Moreover, the progression in the game will depend on how good of a detective you are. This means that the real “Sherlock Holmes” experience will be embedded in the game.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will not be a “GaaS” title

Also, another new detail about the title is that it will feature post-release content to some extent. On the other hand, producer and community manager of the game, Sergey Oganesyan, states that the game will not be a Games as a Service title. Sherlock Holmes Chapter one will release sometime in 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles.

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