Season 5 will expand Warzone’s arsenal and factions

Season 5 will expand Warzone’s arsenal and factions

New operators, an assault rifle and SMG are on the horizon

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 is currently under wraps. However, it’s almost a certainty the game will have some exhilarating changes. Firstly, the leaks indicate a loot train circling Verdansk and events surrounding it. Moreover, the coded message underneath the recent patch notes might mean there will be more accessible bunkers. Surely, we can’t think of a season update without additional toys in the arsenal. Therefore, we can safely assume there will be new operators and weapons in the next update. Recently, the developers have published a trailer, teasing the next faction that will carry the Warzone narrative forward.


The trailer shows us the Shadow Company, with the same logo they use in Modern Warfare 2. According to the scenario, Shadow Company moves in the void the Armistice’s collapse created. The private military company might be in league with the Allegiance faction. However, the Shadow Company is laden with selfishness and will seek to thrive on their own. As usual, the narrative will most likely remain there and there won’t be any gameplay changes.

Season 5 will also introduce two weapons with the arrival of the Shadow Company. Firstly, we see the Russian assault rifle AN-94. It’s somewhere between AK-47 and CR-56 AMAX with 7.62 rounds as its ammo. Moreover, we’ll receive B&T APC9 (SMG-9), an agile gun with 9 mm rounds. The next chapter in the Warzone saga is to come with its full might on August 5.




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