Riot Games officially revealed its FPS game Valorant

Riot Games officially revealed its FPS game Valorant

We finally get to see what Project A is in detail.

Riot Games officially revealed Valorant, the game previously known as the Project A. We have seen a lot of leaks and rumors in the past weeks, finally to be confirmed by the Riot. Furthermore, the game’s release date is not that away too. The game is set to release in Summer 2020, a couple of months away from now.


The game will be a competitive FPS, with a high focus on strategy and skill. Developers claim that players will be able to win any game if they are skilled and using strategy. Riot Games claims that Valorant will be a competitive-focused game. Therefore, rather than casual playing, we will see competitiveness more.

The 5v5 character-based tactical shooter will have 128Hz tickrate servers, capable of running at up to 144fps. Therefore, if you have a high-end gaming setup, you will be able to utilize every power you have. In addition, Riot Games makes the game available for nearly everyone by claiming the game works even on decade-old devices.

Strong anti-cheat will be present in the game, to preserve competitiveness. Furthermore, each character in Valorant will have its own skillset. Each character will have its own unique skills. If you want to, you can check the video above to see some Alpha gameplay footage.


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