Remedy next title on Epic Games Store

Remedy next title on Epic Games Store

The developer's new game has been spotted on the Epic Games Store database.

Remedy Entertainment’s next title BigFish is now on the Epic Games Store database.


Remedy Entertainment might be about to reveal a new project. In fact, various database entries can be seen on, a site that catalogues store database updates. It is kind of like the SteamDB of the Epic Games Store.

MP1st spotted these entries which all seem to reference a new project, “BigFish”. Developers apparently created the original entry earlier this month and made an update on May 25.

Even though other upcoming games have their own pages and images on the Epic Games Store, BigFish does not have any dedicated visible content. Nevertheless, the fact that the page exists is enough to suggest the title is on the way.

However, it is also possible that maybe Remedy is using the database solely to share content with other developers and for testing purposes. That is, a reveal may not be happening in the near future. There is yet no way of being certain.

The developer recently made a two-game publishing agreement with Epic Games – one of which could be BigFish. The studio has reported so far that it is working on a big budget project along with a smaller one.

Fans are to get some official news from Remedy Entertainment regarding their next title soon.


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