Red Dead Online to offer great in-game deals this week

Red Dead Online to offer great in-game deals this week

Discounts on horses, gears and more are here.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode Red Dead Online has been filled with in-game offers once again. Rockstar Games just announced this week’s challenges and in-game offers for various elements. Players who are able to complete these in-game challenges for five days will receive a unique treasure map.


RDO players are used to completing challenges by now since they receive nice rewards. This week, once again, players will be able to complete daily challenges for five days to receive a treasure map. In addition, in-game offers are featuring an XP boost right now, giving the players a chance to develop. Below, you can find the full “This week in Red Dead Online” list.

Red Dead Online to offer great in-game deals this week

This Week in Red Dead Online

  • A Treasure Map as a reward for completing 5 Daily Challenges
  • A 50% Role XP boost for all Moonshiner Sell, Story and Bootlegger missions
  • Club XP worth 10 Grades for signing up for Outlaw Pass No. 2 before March 8
  • Discounts on Selected Clothing and Weapons: the Hunting Bow and Fishing Rod have a 40% discount and all Vests and Bandoliers have a 30% discount
  • All Arabian horses have a 25% discount at Stables
  • Twitch Prime Benefits: A free Collector’s Bag and Polished Copper Moonshine Still, plus a Benefits Award from 5 Ranks Moonshiner Role XP
  • New PlayStation Plus Member benefits: Up to 3 Ability Cards of your choice for free

If you would like to find out more about Red Dead Redemption 2, you can read our full guide here. Furthermore, you can obtain in-detail information regarding the latest offers from the game’s official website.

Red Dead Redemption Online

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