Red Dead Online finally gets a new role and other stuff

Red Dead Online finally gets a new role and other stuff

Red Dead Online update brings the Naturalist role and new Dynamic Events

Red Dead Online finally received an update. Furthermore, the new content seems it will stir things up a bit on the online side of the game. Many players have been complaining about the radio silence on Rockstar’s side. Indeed, the activities and the overall online experience has become rather bland. Yet, it seems there are some important changes on the horizon. The recent update is a sign of what’s to come.


Firstly, the Naturalist is the new role for Frontier Pursuit. This role allows players to chase and obtain knowledge about animals. Additionally, in order to support this role, Rockstar has brought multiple legendary animals in the game, seven to be precise. However, as a Naturalist, you won’t always chase down and hunt the poor Legendary animals. There will be missions for you to escort those. On the other hand, Wilderness Camps have received new content that awaits Naturalists to unlock.

Also, Red Dead Online finally got on track with new Dynamic Events, daily challenges, and Weekly Collections. If you visit Madam Nazar you can access the Weekly Collections. If you’re wondering where the third Outlaw Pass is, Wheeler, Rawson & Co. is your place to be. With the Outlaw Pass, you can get up to 40 Gold Bars, new outfits, and weapon modifications.

The new Outlaw Pass will be active through the 19th of October. It will offer 80 Ranks to unlock. Furthermore, the free roam is now more colourful with new NPCs. These NPCs can ask player’s help to track a certain animal. Moreover, they can generate quick missions to guard or rob crashed wagons and other stuff. The update has also brought two weapons for the players’ arsenal: Elephant Rifle and Improved Bow.

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