Rainbow Six Siege to reveal Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Six Siege to reveal Operation Steel Wave

In addition to the new operators Ace and Melusi, the fully-reworked House map is also here.

Ubisoft just revealed all the details about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege update Operation Steel Wave. The new operation will bring two new operators, Ace and Melusi, a new Attacker and Defender from Norway and South Africa. Also, the new update will feature the full-reworked House map, fulfilling the fan’s demands.


The developers note that the reworked map is more newcomer-friendly than the previous version. Being so, it will help all kinds of players enjoy the game as the player base keeps getting bigger. Most notable changes in the map include the expansions to the basement area, attic, and office tower. You can check out the trailer above to see more about this.

The new operation of Rainbow Six Siege will go live on the test server on May 19th. So, if you would like to, you can try all the changes out starting from today and give some feedback to the developers. Below, you can find other changes Operation Steel Wave will bring to the game.

Other Rainbow Six Siege updates with Operation Steel Wave

  • Unified MMR
  • Amaru Buff
  • Proximity Alarm
  • Addition of Echo Elite set

If you would like to learn more about the game, don’t forget to check out its official website here.

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