Rainbow Six Siege clone gets shut down by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege clone gets shut down by Ubisoft

To be honest, Area F2 really does look like Rainbow Six Siege.

Last week, we reported a Ubisoft lawsuit targeting Google and Apple for violating its copyrights. This lawsuit was caused by a Rainbow Six Siege clone, namely Area F2, which Google and Apple chose to keep online in their stores. Today, we got the news that Area F2 has been shut down effective today.


If you invested money in buying in-game items on Area F2, you can apply for a refund. The game is gone for good, at least for now. Area F2, developed by Alibaba-owned Ejoy, looks like a mobile port of the Rainbow Six Siege. So, this alone, lead Ubisoft stating the game’s resemblance could cause confusion among players.

Under normal circumstances, similar games can exist without causing copyright infringements. But for Area F2 and Rainbow Six Siege, taking a look at the screenshots of both games is enough to draw conclusions. Just a quick Google search can help you understand the situation better.

Developers of Area F2 issued an announcement, hinting that the game may come back someday in the future. If you would like to see it for yourself, you can check the announcement here. If you think you are out of the loop, here is our article regarding the original Ubisoft lawsuit against Google and Apple.

Rainbow Six Siege

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