PUBG will add trains to the Vikendi map

PUBG will add trains to the Vikendi map

The map is coming back in the next season.

PUBG Corp. just announced that Vikendi will come back to the game in the next season and bring trains to the game with it. At the start of Season 6, we said our goodbyes to Vikendi, next season it will come back. After adjustments are done by the developers, the map will be tested on the test server.


Since balance updates were not enough, developers decided to take the map down. After nearly a month, the map will return with several new features and balance changes. Moreover, railroads will be all around the map with boardable trains. This could be utilized by the gamers to create a new gameplay type.

Dinopark of Vikendi will now become Dinoland, as it expands. In addition, developers also adjusted some locations like Mount Kreznic and Tovar. The overhaul removed some areas of large snow from the map, adjusting the snow gameplay.

If you would like to try the new version of the map out, you need to find a custom game hosted by one of the PUBG Partners. The map will go live on all servers in Season 7, so until then, we will wait. Season 6 doesn’t end until April 16, after that, we will update you more on this topic.

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