PUBG now has ranked games and bot matches

PUBG now has ranked games and bot matches

Ranked games are available for both third and first-person.

Ranked games and bot matches were being tested on dedicated test servers for PUBG for a week now. Today, with the live update of 7.2, the game begins to offer ranked games and bot matches. Because the players were expecting the ranked games since the release of the game, this is considered a huge milestone.


Ranked matches will be available on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps with slightly different rules. Furthermore, red zones and some other features are not included in the ranked games. According to the developers, this ensures the ranked more is more suitable to competitiveness. Also, the safe zone will shrink at a constant rate for the ranked games.

In addition to the ranked games, update 7.2 brings bot to the live games of PUBG. Dividing the player base, bots in live matches is a highly controversial issue. So from now on, you will have a couple of bot enemies in the live games you play, excluding the ranked games.

Developers state that this will help new players get some easy kills and get the hang of the game. Even though the arguments behind this change is solid, some players think that it kills the “PUBG spirit.” Here, you can find the full patch notes of the update.

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