PS5 games will not support PS4 Dualshock

PS5 games will not support PS4 Dualshock

There's no backward compatibility for the controller

Sony’s next iteration of PlayStation will have backward compatibility to a degree. However, it appears that the studio will not allow this feature to have full coverage. In a recent blog post, Sony has detailed the peripherals that will run with PlayStation 5. Conversely, it appears that PS5 games will not support PS4’s iconic controller DualShock.


Nonetheless, Sony does not discard and decommission DualShock 4 completely. According to the report, DS4 will work with some of the games, if they are in the supported games list. Currently, details regarding these games are absent. Therefore, we will have to wait for the next announcements in order to find out. Sony’s reason to exclude DS4 as a controller for PS5 games appears to be the unique features of DualSense. The studio states the capabilities of the controller will be important for the gaming experience the console will offer.

On the other hand, the blog post clarifies other devices that players might be curious about their compatibility. For instance, Platinum and Gold headsets will easily connect to PS5. Also, third-party headsets that can be connected via USB port or audio jack will work. However, if your hardware such as racing wheels don’t hold an official license, PS5 will not allow them as a controller device. Finally, if you are already using a third-party gamepad, you will be able to connect and play it on PS5.


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