Pringles prize draw show Xbox Series X prices

Pringles prize draw show Xbox Series X prices

Another pack of chips, another info leak

Lately, packs of chips appear to be the place to go for news. This time, the Pringles prize draw has leaked the details for Xbox Series X.


The company has recently organized sweepstakes where the winner gets a brand new console. Moreover, a keen-witted user on Twitter decided to look into the details of this contest. Henceforth, he found some interesting information regarding the console’s mystery price.

It appears that the console will have a price around R13,5K in South Africa. If we convert the Rand to USD, that’s around 809.08 with the current rate. Therefore, we can roughly estimate a retail price around $799. Nonetheless, these prices may not be final and just some imprecise calculation. The user also warns: “Disclaimer for international people reading this: South Africa has higher-than-RRP pricing for tech stuff, so this is mostly likely higher than the official US price will be. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.”

Therefore we can safely assume the prices are not final and may not even reflect what they’re going to be. As a gentle reminder, there are not any official announcements from Microsoft. It appears that we will have to wait for a while for the mystery to unfold. The Pringles prize draw may also carry over to other regions in the future.


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