Prince of Persia Remake might get announced soon

Prince of Persia Remake might get announced soon

Prince of Persia is back!

Usually, before a game is officially announced, we see that it gets leaked on some retailer’s website. Today, it can be seen that Prince of Persia Remake is on a retailer’s website for sale. Until now, we did not hear about the game at all, but this could change everything.


Prince of Persia Remake might be announced soon

Until now, we have seen all Ubisoft announcements get leaked on various French and Canadian retailers. Now, it is time for the Guatemalans. A retailer in Guatemala, Max, listed Prince of Persia Remake in its online store for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the website lists November 2020 as the release date of the game.

If we consider there are two more full months until November, the release date seems suitable. Considering that Ubisoft has an event in September, the official announcement may take place there. We should also note that in 2007 Ubisoft already did a remake of the original game. This remake was for Xbox 360 and the same years.

If you want so, you can take a look at the screenshot above to see the listing. We will make sure to update you as soon as more develops on this matter. For now, look forward to the September event of Ubisoft.

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