Oddworld developer: PS5 has great social features

Oddworld developer: PS5 has great social features

According to Lorne Lanning, developers can enhance the overall gameplay experience with those features

Oddworld developer and creator Lorne Lanning has recently had an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine. Moreover, he stated that the PlayStation 5 will bring more interactive features into gaming with its social capabilities.


According to Lorne, PlayStation 5 presents a great opportunity in terms of connectivity. In detail, he mentioned how players will be able to interact with their friends. About PS5’s social aspects Lanning said: “(…)I’m still not sure how much I can really talk about… I want to be careful, but they’re doing a lot more things that are like, enabling you to sort of open your experience a little wider to your human network(…).”

In particular, Oddworld developer drew attention on the new PlayStation 5 system menu, which is under patent protection. The patent outlines a program that offers interactive game tips. In detail, by deciding whether the player has frequently attempted the same level. Lanning said: “There are ways that it’s enabling, sort of helping with problems that you might be having in the game, more intelligent monitoring of people having difficulty.”

Finally Lanning added: “And so there are some really clever things going on there that involve this sort of extension into other networks, other people, other points of feedback and giving people more information on how to play the game better, how other people might play or solve this problems.”



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