Next two Epic Games Store free games leaked

Next two Epic Games Store free games leaked

Borderlands the Handsome Collection may be on the way.

Past week, epic games gave out Grand Theft Auto 5 for free, tackling all the expectations. This week, players can claim Civilization 6 for free, until May 28. There is one leak that successfully predicted these two titles. Turns out, we might know the next two Epic Games Store mystery games already.


The person who first posted the leak did not give out any details about the source of it. Therefore, the leak mostly went overlooked by the players, until it successfully predicted the first two games. Originating from Reddit, the leak was a low-resolution image of a presentation that included the next mystery games.

According to the leak, the first two mystery games were Grand Theft Auto 5 and Civilization 6. Looking back at the past week and the week we are in, the leak proved itself right. So, the next game we will see is the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. This game will be available for free on May 28, just as the Civilization 6 deal ends.

Moreover, the game after Borderlands is claimed to be Ark: Survival Evolved. According to the leak, this game will be free on Epic Games Store on June 4. These are very big titles right after each other to give out for free. We will see if these claims will turn out right or not.

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