Next-gen PS5 games rumoured to be revealed in June

Next-gen PS5 games rumoured to be revealed in June

Although new games are expected to be showcased in early June, it is uncertain whether we'll get a look at the console itself.

Sony has been quiet about the new PS5 and its upcoming next-gen games lately. However, a recent report suggests this is about to change in the upcoming month.


The company apparently has a few events on the way that are going to provide a better look at the new console, according to VentureBeat. The first event is going to be in early June. Although this event will be introducing a collection of next-gen PS5 titles, it is not certain whether we’ll get a look at the console itself.

Next, a State of Play video presentation is going to be up in August, according to the report. This presentation will feature current games as well as next-gen ones.

For now, we do not have much more information. You can read our latest article about PS5 here.

Just like PS5, Xbox Series X is also building up a lot of impatience among fans. In the latest Inside Xbox episode, fans got the chance to have a first look at a few new games coming for the console. You can read our update on Xbox Series X game development here,

With the current global pandemic forcing a lot of in-person events such as E3 to be cancelled, fans are expecting anticipated game and console showcases to take place earlier than planned.

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