Next Gen Games Might Be More Expensive

Next Gen Games Might Be More Expensive report indicates AAA publishers might increase the average price tag on next gen games to $69.99

Next gen games might be more expensive than the current industry average. For instance, the recommended price for NBA 2K21 will be around $70. This price tag is more than the average of $59,99. After this price tag has surfaced, it has sparked a controversy in the gaming community. Some experts claimed this is a sign of  increased costs of development, regarding next-gen consoles. Furthermore, the simultaneous process of development for both generations might be the factor behind the increased prices.

ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW has recently released a report after conferring with IDG Consulting. CEO of the games research firm, Yoshio Osaki said the pricing increase was overdue. Osaki pointed out the increasing costs in TV and movie industry and its affect on the pricing. Furthermore, he added despite facing similar conditions, gaming industry remained steady in such policies since 2005. Therefore, the industry will no longer be able to withstand, with the new console family in horizon.

According to Osaki, gaming industry faces a 200%-300% increase in production costs, within the 15-year period. Moreover, the introduction of the next-gen development software pushed the financial boundaries of the industry. Consequently, the 17% increase in the price tags is indeed modest. Osaki stated, gamers should expect such pricing policies across multiple gaming franchises in the upcoming days.  We can expect to see more “controversial” prices for next gen games.

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