Next Battlefield to release in 2021 on next-gen consoles

Next Battlefield to release in 2021 on next-gen consoles

The next Battlefield is only a year away.

Last week, after announcing a new roadmap, DICE made a surprise announcement about the fate of Battlefield 5. After one last update, the game will no more be supported by the developers with new content. At first, it was not easy to accept for the fans of the series, since Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still supported.


Now, developers claim that this action will allow them to focus on the future of the Battlefield. The latest entry of the franchise was pretty controversial among the players, so DICE may want to prepare well for the next one. Furthermore, developers state that the next title will be exclusive to the next-gen consoles.

Therefore, support for the Xbox One and PS4 line of consoles will end with the next entry of the franchise. Moreover, Gamespot reports that the next title will hit the shelves in 2021, which is the fiscal year 2022. (For EA, of course.)

“Bringing out Battlefield [in 2020], where the new console base is fairly small, doesn’t really give justice to the potential of the title, and so that’s part of our driver in moving the title into fiscal 22,” states EA.

We will update you on this as soon as more information is available.

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