Naughty Dog lashes out at online abuse

Naughty Dog lashes out at online abuse

Naughty Dog responded to the online harrassment targeted towards Neil Druckmann and Laura Bailey

Naughty Dog lashes out at online abuse targeted towards The Last of Us Part 2 director and cast.


First of all, game director Neil Druckmann shared the insults he received over the game’s narrative direction. His post has recently went over 11k retweets and has almost 60k likes. Furthermore, he detailed the nature of the messages. According to Druckmann, they mostly have hateful and violent tendencies. Moreover, there are transphobic, homophobic and anti-Semitic patterns in the messages. On the positive side, Druckmann has received lots of support from the community. He added a reply to his tweet, thanking those in support.

On the other hand, Laura Bailey, the actress who voiced Abby wasn’t free from the online abuse. She also posted on Twitter, describing the abuse she faced. In the screenshots Bailey shared, it’s possible to witness the offensive nature of the messages. However, Bailey also added, she received similar support to Druckmann’s. It appears that gaming community also attempted to console Bailey.

In the face of these events, Naughty Dog lashes out with a statement.  Despite the post is short, it outlines what the company thinks. The studio puts the safety of their team at the top. Additionally, they condemn all the negative behaviour. Currently, there is no indication of a legal action towards the abusers.

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