More titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass

More titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass

Even Minecraft Dungeons will be added to the list.

Microsoft just announced the new titles which are set to come to the Xbox Game Pass this month. Beginning with today, game pass subscribers on Xbox will be able to play Alan Wake and Cities: Skylines for free. Furthermore, Minecraft Dungeons will also be available on May 26.


For now, we do not have a clear release date for the PC platform. So, if you are a game pass subscriber but playing on PC, you are going to have to wait. Also, Plebby Quest: The Crusades is coming to the PC platform “soon”.

Every month, Microsoft updates the Game Pass with a batch of new titles. Earlier this month, we saw Golf with Your Friends, Final Fantasy 9, and DayZ getting added to the game pass. If you would like to learn more about the service, you can go to the official website using this link.

Twitter account of the service is pretty active about announcing new changes, here’s the link for it. If Microsoft announces something new regarding the game pass, we will make sure you are up to date about it.

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