Microsoft Flight Simulator review – The best flight sim ever made

Microsoft Flight Simulator review – The best flight sim ever made

The most remarkable flight simulator ever made.

With the progression in technology over the years, simulations got better and better. Today, we are able to experience some moments which were considered “beyond imagination”, years ago. The Microsoft Flight Simulator can be considered one of the best examples of this situation. So here is our Microsoft Flight Simulator review.


Microsoft provides players with the most remarkable flight simulator ever made as a “game”. Furthermore, the simulator is as detailed as one can ever imagine. All the world is modeled within the game, creating a real-world flying experience for interested players. Also, improved flight mechanics of the simulator takes it one step further with all other simulators considered.

With this Microsoft Flight Simulator review, we will try to tell which are the good and disappointing features of the simulator.  Moreover, we will try to explore what has improved after the last flight simulator. By now, it is obvious there are a vast world and improved graphics, but what’s more with this sim?

Microsoft Flight Simulator review - The most remarkable flight sim

The world is jaw-dropping

The recreation of the world within a simulator. Jaw-dropping. There is not another phrase that could experience the thoughts when you first see the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developers have managed to recreate the whole world within the simulation, without any boundaries or limits.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, there is not one constraint that the player faces exploring the world. If you want to fly from one point to the other, it is possible that you fly over your own house. Combining cloud-computing and Microsoft’s Bing satellite imagery, developers provide us with a one-of-a-kind experience.

1:1 recreation of the world is sometimes inaccurate, specifically for the AI-generated towns and cities. We should note that all the landmarks are always there, it’s just that Microsoft AI-generates some parts of the towns to help with the performance of the game. As this is a flight simulator, not earth exploring tool, we find it completely acceptable.

Microsoft Flight Simulator review - The most remarkable flight sim

Impressive graphics

Graphics of the Microsoft Flight Simulator are just impressive. Yes, you need a super-powerful PC to handle all that load, but that is the price of having such an experience. The higher you go with your visual settings, the better results you get. The plane, the landscape, and the sky look impressive. While even the medium settings look good, the highest you can go results in a real-world like experience.

Inside the cockpit, you will notice the next-gen feeling of the game immediately. Developers managed to simulate plane cockpits just like their real versions using high-quality modeling. While a big portion of the player chooses the external view while flying to experience the beautiful scenery, simulation fans would rather use the cockpit view. As this is the more realistic and simulation-like choice, it replicates the feeling of flying a real plane better.

The live time and dynamic weather elements do not fail to impress every time you take a look outside. Weather always changes and even the cloud formations are unique. This helps with replicating the feeling of flight, resulting in a better simulation experience overall.

Microsoft Flight Simulator review - The most remarkable flight sim

Gameplay elements are just good enough

The travel times within the game are just 1:1 of the real world, while there is an option to speed up flights, simulation fans would probably prefer not to. The game offers a quick start to the players by allowing just picking destination and departure points to begin a flight.

In-flight controls are easy to get used to and appeals to both pros and newcomers to the genre. Therefore, you will be able to experience the realistic simulation feeling even if you don’t know how to fly a plane, to begin with. The game will teach you how to do that eventually.

To mention the performance, we can say that the game is highly demanding. You’ll need a super-powerful PC to run the game in the highest settings and get decent FPS. We don’t think that the mentioned minimum specs of the game are enough to consistently run the game throughout a flight. Even with a computer that has specs between the minimum and ideal, frame drops happen from time to time.

More features, more options

There are some features of the simulator that we just couldn’t wrap up the review without a mention. The first is the multiplayer capability of the game. This is one of the best features of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. You are able to come together with other players and fly together. This experience combined with all the features we mentioned before, makes the game one of its kind.

Also, the game offers mini-tutorials and warnings, especially for newcomers. The game notifies the player about when to open landing gear or when to start descending. This makes the game playable for everyone: Newcomers, flight pros, and even non-gamers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator review: It is the most remarkable flight sim ever made

As you may have understood from the tone of the overall review, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is impressive. It is clear that we are looking at the most remarkable flight simulator ever made. There is not one simulator on earth that is available to the public and this detailed.

Concluding the Microsoft Flight Simulator review, we can say that if you are a fan of flight simulators, this is obviously a game for you. Moreover, if you are interested in flying but not games, this is your chance to begin.

Version tested: PC – a review copy was provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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