Maxime Beland of Ubisoft finally resigns

Maxime Beland of Ubisoft finally resigns

Maxime Beland, the Ubisoft executive, resigns following his suspension due to sexual harrassment allegations

Maxime Beland leaves Ubisoft, due to the sexual harrassment allegations.


Ubisoft has previously launched an internal investigation for sexual harrassment allegations. Furthermore, the company suspended some important names. Beland was among them and was a founding member of Ubisoft Toronto. Moreover, he was the creative director for the last two Splinter Cell games. He also had a design direction role for the first Assassin’s Creed. Beland had left the company for a role in Epic Games. Yet, he returned recently to Ubisoft. Shortly after his return, Beland has found himself amidst a wave of sexual harrassment allegations.

The company has shared a statement with Video Games Chronicle on last Friday. Ubisoft has stated Maxime Beland resigned, effective immediately. In this statement, Ubisoft also clarified the fate of the other executive: Tommy Francois. According to the company, Francois will be on disciplinary leave. Additionally, the investigation around his name is ongoing.

Ubisoft has been handling this unexpected wave of allegations rigorously. The recent allegations included lots of Ubisoft employees. Moreover, two executives, Ashraf Ismail and Maxime Beland have already resigned. CEO Yves Guillemot published a statement, pointing to a structural shift. This structural shift will include a radical change in the creative team.




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