Manchester United to sue Football Manager

Manchester United to sue Football Manager

The reason for the case is "trademark infringement".

Trademark infringements have always been big problems for sports games, as they need to obtain licenses from the teams. Football Manager has been using the Manchester United name for years now. Today, Manchester United declared that they are going to sue Football manager over the use of their name.


Furthermore, the football club claims that the game infringes on its trademark by using an inappropriate logo. According to The Guardian, The Premier League team argues that the game is not using the official crest, creating a trademark infringement. This may sound absurd but in the world of trademarks club’s claim is valid.

So, the counterargument presented by Sega, the publisher of the Football Manager, also roots from the same place. They argue that both Championship Manager and FM have been using the club’s name since 1992 without a complaint. Therefore asking the question why didn’t you complain about this in the past 28 years.

The case is now unclear as Mr. Justice Morgan reserved his judgment to a later date. For now, we do not know what will the result of this case be. It seems like the Football Manager might lose the rights to include Manchester United name and logo in the game.

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